Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did I Say November? I Meant February.

Living Darkness

This showed up in the mail today, here in the Toronto Office - a bit late due to some unforseen printing/press corrections it needed, but fuck it - it's HERE! Hits & Misses Records already has a bunch of them. And Rotate This, Sonic Boom, Babel and some distros will have them soon. Anyone else in Toronto that needs them in quantity, get in touch. Elsewhere, you can get them straight from No Idea (link at right), or from the band themselves (link at right). Catch LD with Titan and others March 15 in Kitchener, on March 22 at Lee's Palace Toronto (w/Cursed,Career Suicide & 50WH), on April 6th in Peterborough (w/Cursed), and with Disfear in Toronto later in April. 


7 inches, 5 Songs and 2 Guns covers from these Cleveland die-hards. I'll have images of  the artwork up here in a few days once it's done. And Crux Of Aux, Our Father and Burning Love have all finished the recordings for their HXA EPs. 


ryanaircraft said...

ordered mine from no idea last week.

iron lung and this in the mail... should be a good week!

sam said...

M. colohan
any chance that you can bring with you a living d. 7" at youre next montreal show.


ryanaircraft said...

what's the pressing info on this?

Colohan (TM) said...

Sam, hope you got one in MTL, I just saw this now. Ryan, first press 500 on greenish brown wax. Next press coming up. And fuck, how great is that Iron Lung LP?

ryanaircraft said...

Answer: SO great, haha.

You still use the same email? I dropped you a line a little while back and didn't know if it ever got to you.