Sunday, February 1, 2015

ANX011: Wastoids "Dangerous Spaces"

Wastoids - Dangerous Spaces 7".
Bratty, lo-fi Toronto hardcore recorded by Jonah Falco (FU/CS)
Limited to 300 copies, one time only. 


Wastoids : Julian - Campbell - Conor - Matt
Tracks:  Fuck 82 -  Nailbiter -  Faux Pas
No Sides / Trash - Too Weak For Punk

Thursday, November 8, 2012

ANX010: Purity Control "Coping"

     Toronto's own Purity Control come out of the gate charging with Coping, their first 7". Six tracks of abrasive, low-fi grind for creeps. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid/Ampere).

Payson Power - vocals 
Brandon DeMarco - bass 
Derrick Vella - guitar 
Max Klebanoff - drums 

Track Listing:

1. Holy Hell 
2. Walking Distance 
3. Remote Viewing 
4. Bedroom Eyes 
5. Bite Marks 
6. Separation Anxiety 

One Pressing Only, Ltd to 550 (150 white / 400 black),
Get it HERE.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

DNF "HURT" Out Now!

Alright, after a couple of hold-ups
this baby is finally out of the oven!

Comes with download code. Get it HERE.
Hurt will be streaming in entirety on Brooklyn Vegan on Tuesday.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ANX009: Burning Love "Black Widow"

Burning Love lets loose a taste of what's to come from them this year with the Black Widow EP, a precursor to their upcoming LP, Rotten Thing To Say. The a-side features Karla, a true crime epic about Southern Ontario serial killer Karla Homolka, and the b-side pays homage to the late great Laughing Hyenas with their cover of the classic jam Love's My Only Crime. Recorded at Candle Studio, Toronto by Josh Korody.

Out spring 2012.

Monday, February 13, 2012


California's DNF are a hardcore outfit featuring members of Trash Talk and Touche Amore. Their songs go from grind to sludge in unpredictable turns, mixing the frustrated jams of their own generation with a caustic vibe something like that of early Ringworm. Active since 2007, "Hurt" is their first vinyl offering, and we're glad to be part of it.




Most Few

Hunger Pains



The Blood


Out March 2012. (DNF SITE)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Records And Books"

Thanks to everyone who has supported this label through the last bunch of years. It's not something with a high output (I'm averaging about 2 releases a year) but it wasn't intended to be a business. It's just, enough people have put this kind of time and energy into my bands for all these years and I always felt I owed that back and have gotten a lot of gratification out of doing the same for bands in my city and scene, old friends' and bandmates' bands, and beyond. Endless thanks to No Idea for the P and the D which has made it all doable.
As for what's on the horizon, next up is gonna be a Purity Control EP. Purity Control (the name comes from an X-Files episode) are a fucking awesome Toronto noise/sludge/hardcore band, you can check out their track on the City Limits comp, and you can check out their first two tapes HERE. Also, there may be another Omegas 7" on the horizon, a repress of their violent, unreasonable and unstable demo. Stay tuned.


The other half of the reason I started High Anxiety was with the intent of publishing some writing. And now that a bunch of records are out and more are coming, I'm going to try and get the first one in the can and out into the world. I have had something in the works for a few years now called Nine Lives.

It is what it sounds like - nine stories. Stories of formative or significant moments or days spanning back over the whole life of a person - me. But of times which when put together, seem like the lives of nine separate people (a son, a cousin, a grandson, an employee, a lover, a patient, a husband, a student, a tourist, a musician). They say "One cannot be all things to all people" but we all are countless people to countless people. So ultimately, Nine Lives is about the psychological and emotional compartmentalization of life which is often necessary to surviving it's randomness and natural lack of decipherable meaning intact. It is a string of vignettes starring, in order of appearance: the body of a dead young boy, a night job and a girl lost to a fist, an ill-fated first meeting between a father and a son, a dead grandfather and the family that falls apart in his wake, Guangzhou (South China), a Toronto vasectomy table, a spontaneous marriage, a Nazi Death Camp and a day alone on the streets of Tijuana.

There. I can't say when but that's what I'm working on. I figure if I talk shit about it out loud people will bug me about it and it'll make me have to actually do it sooner.

Thanks for your part in all this. I just wanted to say that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

City Limits On EXD Radio and Ltd. Cassettes

Equalizing Distort did a whole show this week about the comp, you can hear us play and discuss the whole thing, as well as a lot of good back history of Canadian punk comps, below:

...Thanks to Stephe Perry and the EXD Crew. I got possessed hours before leaving on tour to make 200 of these on numbered cassette tape. They're in a few distros but mainly available in person while they last:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

City Limits Comp - OUT NOW


It's May 20th. As of today, the comp is out!

Down And Out In Toronto & Montreal

Toronto meets Montreal in a fight to the death,
featuring exclusive songs of slam and of skank from:

Career Suicide
Mad Men
Burning Love
School Jerks
Brutal Knights
Urban Blight
Molested Youth
Bad Choice
Mature Situations
Total Trash
Purity Control
Vile Intent
Foreign Bodies
Dead Wife
Brazen Hell
Bogus Cause
Naughty Girls
So there it is. I'm really happy with this comp, it took a lot of getting together but it came out just like it was meant to be - a snapshot of two interconnected DIY scenes at a really good moment in time, with the older bands mixed in with newer and younger ones, punk ones with thrash ones, dudes, chicks, scumbags, moshers, jean jackets, fuckin varsity jackets, purses...y'know, unity and shit. It's all there. As usual you can get it from No Idea distribution and everyone worldwide that they go through.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

ANX006: Nightbringer S/T 7"

"We play both kinds of music: fast and loud." - Dempz


"Nightbringer is bastard hardcore. Taking equal parts from the holy trinity of Motorhead, 70s Detroit rock n roll, and Japanese hardcore, they land in similar hybrid territory as later Poison Idea - going back to the raw rebel rhythms that spawned biker gangs in the 50s but cranking it up with speed, distortion, and a samurai's obsession with finding life at the ever present edge of death. If punk started as youth culture, this is the sound of youths misspent in skinhead violence and skateboarding, Hawkwind-ish hallucinogens and of summers and winters in vans sleeping on amps. Carving out a niche in the wilderness to keep the fire alive into their mid 30s, this is mania focused by age and experience, never diminished. Ex Ruination, Earthmover, Life Set Struggle, and introducing Ian."

Get the 7" HERE.
Itunes version has an extra track.

...vroom vroom!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Crowning! I Can See The Head!

ANXoo5: The Omegas "Sonic Order"
It's OUT! Get ahold of one HERE.
1st Press, ltd. to 500, comes with download code.

Also, round 2 of the Cursed "Last Sessions" 7" is out
(silver cover, 500 Red / 500 Pink) available now HERE.

"A great release that should never have to exist, The Last Session provides a five-song epitaph for Toronto, ON's formidable heavy music mongers Cursed. Breaking up after an ill-fated European tour for then-greatest achievement III, these tunes are recorded live off the floor circa 2008 by the BBC, giving a new sensation to already admired music. Faster, more aggressive and passionate, the songs ― and therefore seven-inch ― are a feverish blast of bittersweet salt in the wound. The Last Session is so raw, apocalyptic and ravenous that while furiously engaged, we're only reminded of exactly what the world of doom-influenced hardcore lost with Cursed's dissolution. An ingenious touch, all three of the band's official albums are represented here, with II's "Reparations" kicking off the experience and I's "Promised Land" and "Polygraph" rounding out the first side. While never in danger of seeming contrived on III, both "Antihero Resuscitator" and "Into The Hive" on the second side are expressly overwhelming, thanks to an imposing dirge and unbridled aggression. Thrown onto bleak purple and black vinyl, The Last Session is horrible for the loss it represents, yet impeccable for what it offers."
Exclaim Magazine (Keith Carman)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cursed 7" is Now (Almost Sold) Out.

WHOA!!! NOTE to ANYONE trying to order ltd or multiple colors, the black mix is long gone (some guy named E.Bay bought them all. If you really bug him about it, he miiiight part with his beloved copy. Sure, I'm the dick. Ah well, you can't stand in the way of progress, right?), the purple is almost all gone and the grey/salmon is going, going...Sorry to any distros that got momentarily shorted, but individual orders (with money sent) had to be accommodated first. We're restocking momentarily and will fill all requests and orders, but they may not be those colors.

First Press Info is (was):
100 black mix
250 purple mix
650 grey/salmon

Well hey, if this is 2010, bring it on! Omegas and Nightbringer up nexxxt.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter 2009/2012

Sorry it's long between updates but things are happening. The two below records are indeed half way out. Cursed will be within a few weeks and Omegas should be around in late January after lacquer approval and all that shit. Then we'll talk about what's next. You can still get ANX001-003 from No Idea (follow link at right).
Q) What's up with your label?

ANX005: OMEGAS "Sonic Order" EP
ANX 005: Omegas - Sonic Order EP

Montreal's Omegas are the best of all possible worlds - raw and catchy as hell but just loose enough, just dysfunctional enough and just smart enough in all the right places, and natural, like very few modern punk bands with 80's sensibilities are able to be. I'm shitty at descriptions but my first impression was that Darby Crash had swallowed a whole bottle of Stiv Bators pills and moshed on my face. Anyone that doesn't know it, check out their first demo & 7", Psycho Dives on Slam Skank Anthems.
Sonic Order is their second session recorded and mixed by Jonah Falco (FU). (No pressure, joyboys, but) they might just save us all. Then again, they might just want some slam skank.

Out this fall. (Above Photo: Society Suckers)


ANX004: Cursed - Last Sessions

This is the last Cursed recording, from the doomed final tour that we didn't know was the doomed final tour yet. We did a (BLEEEEEP) Radio One Session (what would have been a (BLEEEEEEEP) Session just a few years earlier - RIP) live off the floor like we'd play it. 5 songs spanning all the LPs that we came to play faster and differently live than they were originally recorded.

Out this fall.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Love for EG

This great review of the Eating Glass 7" just came out in the new issue of Exclaim:

"Feed Them…To The Vultures is everything modern hardcore should be: blunt, chaotic, full of mosh-inducing breakdowns and excessive to the point of ridiculousness. Second only to Cryptic Slaughter’s 1986 debut, Convicted, this is easily the most over-the-top chunk of caterwauling/pterodactyl vocals, Napalm Death-worthy, trouncing beats and guitar riffs that aren’t sure if they want to be thrash or punk since. In essence, it is definitive crossover; it has a constant internal conflict, bandying between the two genres and thereby producing some truly expedient, hostile and destructive tunes in the process. That is, when it doesn’t seem on the verge of total collapse, which it frequently threatens. If great art is the direct result of insanity, Eating Glass needed to be locked up before they were born." (Keith Carman)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fed To The Vultures!

Wicked. The records are out, on all kinds of colours. Get them from the band, from me, online from No Idea or on Itunes. Those guys also have some limited release show edition alternate covers, and a cassette version of all their recorded songs to date. The shows this weekend were fucking awesome. Thanks heaps to Greg B and Stuck In The City for all the work he/they put into their shows.  I seriously was pretty out of touch with how good T.O. shows have been getting again, and this was the best possible wake-up call.  The whole night ruled, front to back. Molested Youth were pretty fucking good for a bunch of old dudes. Blackbirds were a bulldozer in the dark, lit entirely by cellphone lights. Crossroad brought the Wolverine Blues jams, mixing it up a bit. Let Down made everybody's Edge Day, EG tore the place apart, and some cock stud sang a Left For Dead song. 
Spencer's foyer went Full Retard last night. First there was something about a cheeseburger. Then Overpower had nervous neighbors picking their moment to cross through the wall of Oi, but then they covered some band called the Cro Mags (is that how you say it?) and it all broke loose (check them out Hallowe'en night at 751).  The Endless Blockade just fucking violated the spot and that's about when my ride had to split back to the city. But there's still the Kitchener house show tonight, and hopefully some more Eating Glass shows coming up a little further out of the Southern O. So keep posted HERE for EG news and grab this record before it's gone. Here in Toronto, Hits & Misses will have them today, and Rotate This should have them by mid-week. Stay sweet. Oh, and there's an EG interview from View Magazine HERE

Molested Youth
EG's set, which looked and felt exactly like this:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Love You, Mailman.

So the records are here! Man, actually having records released at the record release shows, it's so crazy it just might work! So shit - come out to these! 

...Is Here!
Official Release Shows

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tragedies Are Cheapened. Glass Is Eaten.

Cum & Get It:
375 on purple
325 grey
300 grurple
25 raspberry
13 light grey
...sorry, but there are none on Light Urple. Nor Blurple. But as of now, you can order this through No Idea or get it from the usual suspects, stores & distros, or from me if you live in or around the T-Dot. Check out the shows and other records Cheap Tragedies have coming out - they just keep getting better and bloodier.


This record hit a bunch of unforeseen production snags somewhere between Toronto, New York, Gainesville and the US Postal Service, but it is back on line for a September release. Eating Glass "Feed Them To The Vultures" EP is ANX003.

These dudes have been tearing shit up around these parts for the last while now. Their shit is fast, reckless, sincere and sincerely pissed off, the real Southern Ontario shit - and the record features some prime morbid cover art by Jeff Beckman. Check out some Eating Glass songs, upcoming show dates and the full lyrics from this record on their Myspace page (links are on the right).

Track Listing:
Amongst The Wolves
My Own Hell / Watching the World Burn
King of Frauds
Beating Myself Up
Feed Them...
...To the Vultures
Coming Clean

...Man, I love 7 inches. Personally, I only have about six.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

002 & 003: Cheap Tragedies & Eating Glass

ANX002: Cheap Tragedies

Cleveland's finest needs no introduction in DIY hardcore, from the first generation Clevo-core of Face Value to his place in the rise of chaotic, volatile hardcore in the 90s. When the Kids were sitting cross-legged on VFW Hall floors, Erba & Co. was throwing hammers at them with bands like H100s and 9 Shocks Terror. Erba saved my life, showed my me a lot of really sick snuff, and once staple gunned a hat to my head. Still pissed, he's teamed up with some sweet dudes who've put in their own time in bands like Committed, Holy Fucking Crap, Iron Teeth, Names For Graves, Amps II Eleven, and The Lovekill. Pissed off punk rants that could only come from the working class midwest, plus 2 covers of early 80's Cleveland legends the Guns. 

Hot on its heels comes more Southern Ontario jams: 

ANX003: Eating Glass

Feed Them To The Vultures EP - Nine fast, pissed tracks from Eating Glass, a thrashy Ontario hardcore punk band influenced by bands like Cut the Shit, Wolfbrigade and XFilesX. Do it. Do it. Do it do it do it do it do it. These hard working, prematurely balding kids rule. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did I Say November? I Meant February.

Living Darkness

This showed up in the mail today, here in the Toronto Office - a bit late due to some unforseen printing/press corrections it needed, but fuck it - it's HERE! Hits & Misses Records already has a bunch of them. And Rotate This, Sonic Boom, Babel and some distros will have them soon. Anyone else in Toronto that needs them in quantity, get in touch. Elsewhere, you can get them straight from No Idea (link at right), or from the band themselves (link at right). Catch LD with Titan and others March 15 in Kitchener, on March 22 at Lee's Palace Toronto (w/Cursed,Career Suicide & 50WH), on April 6th in Peterborough (w/Cursed), and with Disfear in Toronto later in April. 


7 inches, 5 Songs and 2 Guns covers from these Cleveland die-hards. I'll have images of  the artwork up here in a few days once it's done. And Crux Of Aux, Our Father and Burning Love have all finished the recordings for their HXA EPs. 

Sunday, December 16, 2007


The debut EP from Toronto multitaskers Living Darkness, which features members of shitloads of past and present local punk, thrash and doom projects (ORN, Black Spokes, Abandoned Hearts Club, Concrete Tank, Saigon Distress Signal, Bayonnettes, CS). LD is the best of irrational teenage frustration mixed with the uncomfortably personal touch of '90s California hardcore...via boxcar...hopping off on the way to pay respects to Motorhead and visit the guy from Amebix that makes swords. Maybe bring him a nice hot sandwich. Either way, 4 no-bullshit songs that charge perpetually forward, now available.

A: Alive In A Pointless Life / 20 Years
B: Fits / Waking Nightmares

(Follow LD link at right to hear "Waking Nightmares")