Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter 2009/2012

Sorry it's long between updates but things are happening. The two below records are indeed half way out. Cursed will be within a few weeks and Omegas should be around in late January after lacquer approval and all that shit. Then we'll talk about what's next. You can still get ANX001-003 from No Idea (follow link at right).
Q) What's up with your label?

ANX005: OMEGAS "Sonic Order" EP
ANX 005: Omegas - Sonic Order EP

Montreal's Omegas are the best of all possible worlds - raw and catchy as hell but just loose enough, just dysfunctional enough and just smart enough in all the right places, and natural, like very few modern punk bands with 80's sensibilities are able to be. I'm shitty at descriptions but my first impression was that Darby Crash had swallowed a whole bottle of Stiv Bators pills and moshed on my face. Anyone that doesn't know it, check out their first demo & 7", Psycho Dives on Slam Skank Anthems.
Sonic Order is their second session recorded and mixed by Jonah Falco (FU). (No pressure, joyboys, but) they might just save us all. Then again, they might just want some slam skank.

Out this fall. (Above Photo: Society Suckers)


ANX004: Cursed - Last Sessions

This is the last Cursed recording, from the doomed final tour that we didn't know was the doomed final tour yet. We did a (BLEEEEEP) Radio One Session (what would have been a (BLEEEEEEEP) Session just a few years earlier - RIP) live off the floor like we'd play it. 5 songs spanning all the LPs that we came to play faster and differently live than they were originally recorded.

Out this fall.


allen said...

Looking forward to hearing this session again. Do you still have plans to release a DVD?

willem said...
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willem said...

Can't wait to hear this record!! P.s email me your address, got the INSULT shirts at home

Anthony M A said...

Any update on this? I can't wait to get my hands on it. Is the Cursed II re-press still going to happen?

Mark said...

This will be awesome. I checked out the blog to see if there was any new info on the Cursed II reissue. Can you give us an update on that???

Azri said...

Cursed - BBC Sessions 7"

when? where?

Lisa said...


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CC said...

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CC said...

Oh, also, as for the reissues, I'm currently looking into licensing Cursed II and III. Yes I do need to buy the rights to my own sentiments, is that rad or what? So depending whether I can afford it or not, this will and or won't be happening. I'm hoping on "WILL" though, I'll keep y'all posted.