Sunday, June 6, 2010

ANX006: Nightbringer S/T 7"

"We play both kinds of music: fast and loud." - Dempz


"Nightbringer is bastard hardcore. Taking equal parts from the holy trinity of Motorhead, 70s Detroit rock n roll, and Japanese hardcore, they land in similar hybrid territory as later Poison Idea - going back to the raw rebel rhythms that spawned biker gangs in the 50s but cranking it up with speed, distortion, and a samurai's obsession with finding life at the ever present edge of death. If punk started as youth culture, this is the sound of youths misspent in skinhead violence and skateboarding, Hawkwind-ish hallucinogens and of summers and winters in vans sleeping on amps. Carving out a niche in the wilderness to keep the fire alive into their mid 30s, this is mania focused by age and experience, never diminished. Ex Ruination, Earthmover, Life Set Struggle, and introducing Ian."

Get the 7" HERE.
Itunes version has an extra track.

...vroom vroom!

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r to the k said...

When is the Nightbringer 7 inch going up on iTunes?