Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Records And Books"

Thanks to everyone who has supported this label through the last bunch of years. It's not something with a high output (I'm averaging about 2 releases a year) but it wasn't intended to be a business. It's just, enough people have put this kind of time and energy into my bands for all these years and I always felt I owed that back and have gotten a lot of gratification out of doing the same for bands in my city and scene, old friends' and bandmates' bands, and beyond. Endless thanks to No Idea for the P and the D which has made it all doable.
As for what's on the horizon, next up is gonna be a Purity Control EP. Purity Control (the name comes from an X-Files episode) are a fucking awesome Toronto noise/sludge/hardcore band, you can check out their track on the City Limits comp, and you can check out their first two tapes HERE. Also, there may be another Omegas 7" on the horizon, a repress of their violent, unreasonable and unstable demo. Stay tuned.


The other half of the reason I started High Anxiety was with the intent of publishing some writing. And now that a bunch of records are out and more are coming, I'm going to try and get the first one in the can and out into the world. I have had something in the works for a few years now called Nine Lives.

It is what it sounds like - nine stories. Stories of formative or significant moments or days spanning back over the whole life of a person - me. But of times which when put together, seem like the lives of nine separate people (a son, a cousin, a grandson, an employee, a lover, a patient, a husband, a student, a tourist, a musician). They say "One cannot be all things to all people" but we all are countless people to countless people. So ultimately, Nine Lives is about the psychological and emotional compartmentalization of life which is often necessary to surviving it's randomness and natural lack of decipherable meaning intact. It is a string of vignettes starring, in order of appearance: the body of a dead young boy, a night job and a girl lost to a fist, an ill-fated first meeting between a father and a son, a dead grandfather and the family that falls apart in his wake, Guangzhou (South China), a Toronto vasectomy table, a spontaneous marriage, a Nazi Death Camp and a day alone on the streets of Tijuana.

There. I can't say when but that's what I'm working on. I figure if I talk shit about it out loud people will bug me about it and it'll make me have to actually do it sooner.

Thanks for your part in all this. I just wanted to say that.


chelsea watt said...
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packfill said...

Maybe a bit early too ask: Is the book going to be distributed through No Idea too?

yrfkt said...

Keep writing.

Anonymous said...


I've been trying to find a way to contact you but can't seem to find a "contact" page on your blog. So here's a comment I hope will get to you.

I'm a writer and fan of all things heavy. I've been trying to find a publishing house that I could only describe as the "deathwish" of literature.

If you're willing to do something like that, I'd be happy and eager to jump on board.

What I had in mind was a book-publishing for works by musicians and fans of heavy music. I'm sure there's something there that a lot of people would enjoy,

so if you're interested, just e-mail me and we can share some ideas.