Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tragedies Are Cheapened. Glass Is Eaten.

Cum & Get It:
375 on purple
325 grey
300 grurple
25 raspberry
13 light grey
...sorry, but there are none on Light Urple. Nor Blurple. But as of now, you can order this through No Idea or get it from the usual suspects, stores & distros, or from me if you live in or around the T-Dot. Check out the shows and other records Cheap Tragedies have coming out - they just keep getting better and bloodier.


This record hit a bunch of unforeseen production snags somewhere between Toronto, New York, Gainesville and the US Postal Service, but it is back on line for a September release. Eating Glass "Feed Them To The Vultures" EP is ANX003.

These dudes have been tearing shit up around these parts for the last while now. Their shit is fast, reckless, sincere and sincerely pissed off, the real Southern Ontario shit - and the record features some prime morbid cover art by Jeff Beckman. Check out some Eating Glass songs, upcoming show dates and the full lyrics from this record on their Myspace page (links are on the right).

Track Listing:
Amongst The Wolves
My Own Hell / Watching the World Burn
King of Frauds
Beating Myself Up
Feed Them...
...To the Vultures
Coming Clean

...Man, I love 7 inches. Personally, I only have about six.


ryanaircraft said...

Stoked. Another good month for mailorder then.

m the m said...

when exactly is that cursed bbc session gonna be released? i just finished reading a book on john peel, so im really anticipating this.

Brian said...

Excited for all of this