Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Love You, Mailman.

So the records are here! Man, actually having records released at the record release shows, it's so crazy it just might work! So shit - come out to these! 

...Is Here!
Official Release Shows


Tempest said...

Yo Chris

It's Roger From Vancouver, I got a hold some records you might be interested in.

Woody Guthrie and the likes Hank Williams.... I don’t know shit about this stuff but my 80-year-old neighbour lady gave them to me. Hit me up for more info. I mean they are free if you want them.

Ps. sorry about jacking your post doggy.


Colohan (TM) said...

Roger - Thanks man, i've got all the records I can shake a stick at, and an old fuse system in my house that's just blown up 2 sweet vintage receivers in a row. Arrrrrgh, fuck. So yeah, I'm good, but thanks.

Vito said...

how can i get my hands on my copy of the colour on the bottom right? that looks so fucking nice.