Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fed To The Vultures!

Wicked. The records are out, on all kinds of colours. Get them from the band, from me, online from No Idea or on Itunes. Those guys also have some limited release show edition alternate covers, and a cassette version of all their recorded songs to date. The shows this weekend were fucking awesome. Thanks heaps to Greg B and Stuck In The City for all the work he/they put into their shows.  I seriously was pretty out of touch with how good T.O. shows have been getting again, and this was the best possible wake-up call.  The whole night ruled, front to back. Molested Youth were pretty fucking good for a bunch of old dudes. Blackbirds were a bulldozer in the dark, lit entirely by cellphone lights. Crossroad brought the Wolverine Blues jams, mixing it up a bit. Let Down made everybody's Edge Day, EG tore the place apart, and some cock stud sang a Left For Dead song. 
Spencer's foyer went Full Retard last night. First there was something about a cheeseburger. Then Overpower had nervous neighbors picking their moment to cross through the wall of Oi, but then they covered some band called the Cro Mags (is that how you say it?) and it all broke loose (check them out Hallowe'en night at 751).  The Endless Blockade just fucking violated the spot and that's about when my ride had to split back to the city. But there's still the Kitchener house show tonight, and hopefully some more Eating Glass shows coming up a little further out of the Southern O. So keep posted HERE for EG news and grab this record before it's gone. Here in Toronto, Hits & Misses will have them today, and Rotate This should have them by mid-week. Stay sweet. Oh, and there's an EG interview from View Magazine HERE

Molested Youth
EG's set, which looked and felt exactly like this:


Anonymous said...

is there any way to get in touch outside of blogger comments? questions to ask.


Wade said...

id love to get a copy of the eating glass 7" from you. can i get it directly from you instead of from no idea?

kangaroo records said...

hi henk here . i was hoping we could trade some records ?? see my list